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The end of song tone arm lift mechanism can be fussy, but well worth it. I would rate it very close to the TD 160, TD 150. Others will rate the TD 125 better, but I personally see the TD 145 as giving it a real run for the money. Additionally, the TD 125 has been known to have speed issues occasionally. TD-145 MK I, an inside-the-box photo of an "automated TD160", the TD145.

Thorens td 145

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The turntable will be shipped insured after Payment Technical details: - Drive system: 16-pole synchronous motor with belt drive - Record speeds: 33⅓ and 45 rpm Thorens TD 126 Mk I - Mk IV, TD 127, TD 226 (1976 - 1986) In 1976 TD 126 replaced the TD 125. The new models offered comfort features such as electric lift, auto shut off and in the most successful model, the TD 126 Mk III, for the first time a tacho controlled DC motor to compensate short-term fluctuations in speed, for example, by record brushs. Thorens TD-145 mkII pricing information. on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community This page documents modifications done to my TD-160 and reports how well they worked. 8/19/2003: Some time has passed since I first wrote Teres 145, Thorens TD124. Thorens TD 125 nyservad och ny rem. SME fäste på tonarmsplattan.

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This TD 145 has automatic turnoff as an additional feature and arm lift at the end of the record. That provides more ease of use. As you can see in the photos, this is a very well-preserved specimen, there are only very light signs of wear.

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Tillgänglighet: Lagerstatus Ej på lager. Produktdetaljer. Passar bl a TD 105 - TD 115, TD 125 - TD 127, TD 145, TD 147, TD 150, TD 160 - TD 166, TD 226, TD 280 I, TD 280 II, TD 280 III, TD 290, TD 295, TD 316 - TD  SONY PS-6750 turntable Prylar, Skivspelare, Vinylskivor, Högtalare, Tecnologia Thorens TD-145 MK II Radioapparater, Skivspelare, Vinyls, Högtalare,  Thorens - Skivspelare - Automatiska. TD190-2. Pris Thorens - Skivspelare - Manuella. TD201.

Thorens td 145

I bought this from a friend for $100, had new interconnect cables and a Shure V 15 III installed and added a Ringmat 250 to replace the stock rubber mat. This is a very musical and reliable LP spinner for a VERY low price! This Week’s Thorens TD-145 MKII. I have nicknamed this sexy brushed aluminum-sided Thorens TD-145 MKII the Silver Beauty. I can just see it in someone’s listening area next to a nice vintage silver-faced receiver, can’t you?
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Thorens td 145

The TD-145 belongs to the 100 series.

It contains circuit diagrams ( schemas ) etc. It also usually contains parts catalog.
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Not for the purest of pure audiophile but I like it. I've it had it for forty three years and it remains my most precious object. Vintage Turntable Thorens TD 145 | the turntable Thorens td 145 1975 years on vintage hifi. A page dedicated this table manually reading, belt drive.

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Thorens TD 146 (145, 147) Restoration, Repair and Upgrade The Thorens TD 146 is the classic model from the 1970s. It is a precision instrument which has to be restored to deliver optimum reproduction quality.

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Das bedeutet, dass der Arm am Ende der  3000 kr - Stereo & surround - Solna - En riktigt fin Thorens TD-145 Mk1, vilket alltså är en TD-160 med automatisk avstängning. Så en av de bästa vinylspela THORENS TD 160 Vintage Turntable SME 3009 Tonearm Arduino, feet for Thorens TD 124, TD 125, TD 126, TD 160, TD 145, TD 150, TD 165, and.

This TD145 has automatic turnoff as an additional feature and and arm lift at the end of the record. That provides more ease of use. As you can see in the photos, this is a very well-preserved specimen, there are only very light signs of wear. The dust cover is also in very nice condition. Totally original and 100% Thorens TD 148 A är en helautomatisk remdriven skivspelare med klassisk design i den högre skolan. Tallriken i glas och den påkostade plinten, som finns i två snygga färgval, ger ett gediget och exklusivt intryck. En 211 mm rak tonarm utvecklad av Thorens ser till att hålla nålen klippstabilt i spåren.